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Victoria University emphasises research that is relevant to the community, industry and government – both nationally and internationally, but particularly in the western region of Melbourne. We took the liberty of assigning mentors to new members as they may not know whom to approach at this early stage. Venue: Seminar Room, level 2. National Museum of Singapore. For Independent Schools, the school fees payable varies from school to school. Others, such as those for the Punjabi language were closed due to the dwindling number of students. Residential schools or Sekolah Berasrama Penuh are also known as Science Schools. The first of two volumes, Our Modern Past: A Visual Survey of Singapore Architecture 1920s–1970s by Ho Weng Hin, Dinesh Naidu, Tan Kar Lin and photography by Jeremy San, provides a photographic guide organised into three sections: the Interwar Period (1919–1942), the Post-War Years (1945–1965), and Post-Independence Years (1966–1970s). Students at IIS are integrated in one International community, supporting and enhancing individual talents whilst fostering socially conscientious and tolerant human beings. The Sunshine Campus of Victoria Polytechnic is located on Ballarat Road, Sunshine. The panel was chaired by Dr Kevin Tan, Immediate Past President of the Singapore Heritage Society. In the 1970s, as the government began to abolish English-medium education in public schools, all National-type Secondary School were gradually converted into Malay-medium schools. The development of the association was closely tied to the waves of Chinese immigration into Singapore and the social history of a growing  Hokkien population. Victoria University (VU) is an Australian public university based in Melbourne, Victoria. Our unique strength is the ability to customise our second language programmes to meet the individual needs of students in their second language learning. The talk attempts to explore key oral traditions that play an active role in preserving the historical memory of cults centered around keramats such as the “open shed” that were, and continue to be, believed as the resting place of peripatetic saints celebrated for their miracles, learning and lineages.

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Recent decades have witnessed a remarkable expansion of debates over the content of history textbooks and the ways in which contentious historical issues and topics are being taught in schools. We nurture creative and independent thinkers. Big On Big-O: A Jump Back In Time. Jeffrey Williams was also featured as a trainer and speaker for a 1 day Straits Times 701 workshop on “Persuasion, Influencing and Empowering Skills” to participants from various corporate industries and government agencies. Advanced standing is normally granted based on good academic performance as well as subject to subject matching between the diploma course and the undergraduate course you wish to pursue at the university. Recipient of the URA AUDE Grant and the NHB Heritage Project Grant, the Singapore Heritage Society’s decade-long ‘Our Modern Past’ project constitutes a sustained effort to document the city-state’s Modern heritage, promote appreciation of this architecture, and present a case for its selective conservation. Recently, there has been a clamour to save our heritage so as to preserve it for posterity as well as provide those of us in the present with a sense of rootedness to this place we call home. Excellence in this test allowed students to skip Year 4 and attend Year 5 instead. Do you have a Peranakan heirloom that you like to learn more about? Three years later, he co-founded the Straits Chinese British Association to promote interest in the British Empire and loyalty to the Queen.With his friend Song Ong Siang, Lim founded the Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, the first English school for Chinese girls. He is also a regular project & general evaluator at TMCS, and has consistently been voted “Best Evaluator” by our club members. The College is academically selective and provides a wellrounded education founded on academic rigour complemented by rich co-curricular programmes. First international school in Singapore with an Apple MacBook programme. The shophouse is most characteristic of the urban landscape in Southeast Asia. Mr Edgar Liao is a Master of Arts candidate in the Department of History, National University of Singapore, and co-author of a forthcoming book on the University Socialist Club. National Secondary Schools use Malay as the main medium of instruction because Malay language is the National language of Malaysia while English is a compulsory subject in all schools. Pathway Options: As students progress through the Key Stages of the English National Curriculum, they are presented with a widening choice of subjects to choose from for their (I)GCSE examinations. A true Toastmasters is always willing to help if a member is sincere to learn. MSIS is a unique school that offers all students the opportunity to become independent, access the school curriculum, gain social interaction opportunities and have an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) that is based on each individual’s needs and goals.

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He is currently an academic with the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University. Therefore, Brighton Montessori's curriculum was uniquely designed to cater to each individual child's needs. So how was shopping like in the past? Lim lectured in pharmacology and therapeutics at the school from 1907 to 1910. Come join other book lovers at Select Books for an afternoon of informal discussion on the theme of “Old Books”. Housing in historic city centres of Southeast Asiaʼ at the Technical University of Darmstadt and coordinator (2000 – 2001) of the research project ʻStability of Rainforest Marginsʼ in Palu (Indonesia). But our family ties go deeper than this, extending even to our student alumni who, until today, come back from time to time for a nostalgic look at the school or to get advice on their further education. The Programme uses the medium of the arts to allow children to express themselves in ways that are not possible in words. The City King Campus is located in a high-rise building close to Southern Cross station. Students will learn to develop lessons that nurture young children’s listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. It introduces students to basic scientific theories and research to integrate psychology and child development. Adults and children of all ages who lived in the area now had a place to go to learn about the world, without having to buy their own copies of expensive books. Application can be made anytime during the year. The applicant will forfeit his/her admission to the school if he/she does not return within 2 weeks. However significant its impact, such experiences are not new in Singapore’s history.

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The teaching of the Chinese language is compulsory in SJK(C), and Tamil language is compulsory in SJK(T). Accompanying the text are over 2000 maps and illustrations,  including many provided by families and never before published. A copy of the "Directory of Schools and Educational Institutions, Singapore" is obtainable from the Customer Service Centre at the Ground Floor, Podium Block, Ministry of Education, at S$3.50 per copy excluding postage. In their preface, the editors expressed the hope that the book ‘would open the way to a more objective review and analysis of the diverse trends and movements that have contributed to the emergence of our nation-state’. The donations to the Education Fund are eligible for tax-exemption and the official receipts will be made in favour of either the donor or the foreign student. The book documents the life and history of Venerable Pu Liang, the 10th Abbot of Shuang Lin Monastery, who was also the chairperson of the Singapore Chinese Buddhist Association from 1937 to 1942. Introduce the theories of how young children develop and learn in the physical, cognitive and socio-emotional domains. The option of learning from home with experienced teachers can be a great alternative to traditional schooling. The Singapore Heritage Society recently partnered with archaeologists from the National University of Singapore to conduct a salvage excavation project at the Victoria Concert Hall and Victoria Theatre, where significant varieties of artifacts were recovered from the dig. The name suggests internationalism ... It highlights the joint contributions of biology and environment to the various aspects of child development. This was part of the British strategy of "dividing and rule". Upper Bukit Timah Road – Housed in a dedicated 5-storey building, this innovative learning centre offers an airy and open rooftop garden, bright and cheerful classrooms and dedicated studios for performing and visual arts, cooking and construction experiences. Singapore and Malaya for an entire month?

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The slow, simple and elegant melodies are performed on distinctive instruments such as a bamboo flute called the dongxiao and a crooked-neck lute played horizontally called the pipa, as well as more common wind, string and percussion instruments. Apart from the pleasure of reading, buying a book and later finding it on my bookshelves help me remember the occasion, custom shoes business plan down to the exact day the book was purchased and where. Dong Jiao Zong's distinctive position for this protest has remained unchanged over the last 50 years. His vision was to aid students who had both a sound technical knowledge and an appreciation of the arts, sports, the outdoors and community activities. This history was largely unknown until the author, Chan Chow Wah, began research about 5 years ago and put together the history of Venerable Pu Liang. This talk traces the historical development of Geylang Serai and its key personalities and sheds light on a forgotten part of one of Singapore’s most important historical and cultural areas. Join us and share your memories of the entertainment soundscapes of Orchard Road, from the ‘Swingin’ 60s’ to the ‘Disco Years’. We put in vast teaching resources to run time-intensive daily language and cultural programmes designed to complement and support the units of inquiry each student is studying in their English-led lessons.